Employer Fees

To allow for a lower member charge, there is a monthly employer administration fee payable by you, the employer.  The total employer fee, for UK based companies, will be based on the number of ‘active staff’ within your workplace pension, as follows:

 1 - 20  £20 per month (plus VAT)
 21 - 100  £50 per month (plus VAT)
 100 plus  £100 per month (plus VAT)


This allows your employer charges to be extremely competitive (well within the charging cap) and also incorporates an element of employee face to face guidance.

Member charges

The fees for all members automatically enrolled into the 'Default' portfolio are as follows:

Sponsor Administration 0.30% pa
Investment Fund (L&G) 0.15% pa, fund based
Investment Management (LCM) 0.12% pa
Total charge 0.57% pa


Members on model portfolios will be subject to a different charging structure which will be advised to them by Lewis Investment prior to any change in investment.


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