Useful Tools

The MoneyHelper pension calculator will help you to work out what your retirement fund might be based on your current savings and contributions.  It also allows you to make adjustments to see what different contributions levels will make.

Your State Pension is a regular payment you can claim from the government once you reach State Pension age. You can get a State Pension online forecast to tell you how much you might get and the earliest you can claim it.

The Department of Work and Pension’s online Pension Tracing Service helps reunite people with their lost pensions, giving details of providers to help people track them down.

Being more informed about how much longer you potentially have to live is no bad thing, especially when it comes to financial planning.  The Office for National Statistics calculator provides an indication of your life expectancy and thus how long you’ll likely need to make your pension pot last.

A budget shows you how much money you have coming in and what you spend it on. It makes it easier to create your own spending plan which will put you in control of your money in retirement.

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