The Lewis Workplace Pension Trust Scheme

Lewis Investment is proud to sponsor an authorised, competitively costed, Master Trust with advice.  A Master Trust is an occupational pension scheme where each employer has its own division within the master arrangement.

There is one legal trust and, therefore, one Trustee Board. The Trustee retains decision making independence for each division on things such, investment funds and service providers under a trust-wide governance structure. The decisions over benefit and contribution levels typically reside with the employer. The original trust-based schemes were developed in the 1950’s. At this time, a number of insurance companies set up schemes allowing any number of employers to participate, avoiding the costs associated with an employer running its own trust-based scheme.



The Lewis Workplace Pension Trust Scheme is governed by the trustees who each ensure that the administration and investment management of the scheme is in the best interests of members.

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The Trustees are ultimately responsible for all aspects of running the scheme including the administration, the investment and the governance, giving comfort to employers and members that the scheme is being well managed.

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Investment Committee

The Investment Committee monitor the market and the existing default, lifestyle and model portfolios and reports directly to the trustees with any recommended changes.

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Third Party Administrator

Options Corporate Pensions UK Limited (formerly Carey Corporate Pensions UK Limited) is the Scheme Administrator.

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Appointed Scheme Adviser

Lewis & Co (Investments & Pensions) Ltd trading as Lewis Investment are the scheme sponsor and appointed financial adviser for the scheme. Founded in 1987, they are a privately owned, Poole based firm of independent financial advisers, who are directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority ('FCA'). As well as taking part in the investment committee they also provide in-house support to the participating employers and their employees.  Their dedicated Workplace Pension Team is there not only to manage and invest the scheme's funds but also to provide advice and assistance to Members.

They offer a full suite of financial planning and provide further information covering all aspects of the scheme; this available on their website.

Scheme Investment Options & Additional Information

Detailed information covering all aspects of The Lewis Workplace Pension Scheme can also be found on the Lewis Investment websitePlease be aware that clicking the above link will take you to the Lewis Investment website and you will be leaving The Lewis Workplace Pension website.


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