Investment Committee

The investment committee meet monthly to review the fund performance and market and report directly to the Trustees with their recommendations for any changes to the investment strategy.

The investment strategy offered to members consists of four default funds that automatically switch contributions and risk via age parameters and three risk assessed model portfolios; cautious, moderate and speculative.

Lewis Capital Management Limited

Lewis Capital Management Limited has been appointed as the Investment Adviser to The Lewis Workplace Pension Trust and is contracted to provide and manage the investment strategy that meets the objectives and Principles of the Trustees.

Tim Lewis, Managing Director, Lewis Investment

Tim Lewis has over 30 years’ experience in financial services and has been directing Lewis & Co (Investment & Pension) Ltd, Independent Financial Advisers, as the majority shareholder and CEO for 30 years.

Tim has gained experience in all areas of corporate work as well as the advising side of the IFA industry and Wealth Management. Lewis & Co advise on in excess of £350 million of assets. Tim is a member of the Investment Committee and the majority shareholder of Lewis Capital Management.

Lee van Hoyland, Director, Lewis Investment

Lee is a Chartered Financial Planner with 13 years’ experience and is a director of Lewis & Co, the scheme sponsor.

He holds the position of the scheme funder’s head of Auto Enrolment and plays an integral part in the investment committee that oversees all of the scheme portfolios to include the default fund.

Lee is also a Trustee of The Lewis Workplace Pension Scheme and provides the investment committee with a Trustee perspective.

Kristan Ward, Financial Adviser, Lewis Investment

Kristan has worked for Lewis Investment since 2004 and in financial services for a total of 30 years. His main role as an Independent Financial Adviser, is to provide independent advice on pensions, investments and protection planning, along with our commercial property syndicates. He has specialist investment qualifications and sits on the investment committees for both The Lewis Workplace Pension Trust and Lewis Capital Management.

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